jessica hicking,

lmt and spa facial esthetic services

Jessica and her staff have over 16 years experience! She is dedicated to helping her clients look and feel their best. 


These stressful times take a toll on us. A massage on a regular basis can greatly reduce your physical and emotional stress and increase your mental and spiritual balance. 

Physical benefits of regular massages include relaxation of the body, reduction of chronic pain, relaxation of aching muscles, improvement in muscle tone, reduction of tension headaches, increase in metabolism and elimination of metabolic waste, improved posture, reduction in blood pressure, and increased strength of the immune system. 


Emotional benefits of regular massages include reduction in anxiety and depression, improvement in energy and alertness, increased self-awareness, improved concentration, and increased alertness. 

Facials rejuvenate, detoxify, and promote increased blood circulation to improve the quality of your skin and slow the effects of aging. 

All of our treatments are customized for your specific needs so you get the most out of every treatment. 


You will look and feel your best. You deserve it!